Nilo Alvarado

A highly experienced Results-Oriented Project Leader who has demonstrated strong technical and business acumen with an impressive track record of more than 18 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, risk assessment, risk management, project and product management, and marketing strategies. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings. Solid work experience in diverse industries including food, consumer goods, textile, packaging, printing, and transportation as well as in the arenas of manufacturing and services. Extensive work experience in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States.

- Fluent in English and Spanish.

- Highly proficient in: PC and MAC platforms             

• Adobe Suite • Microsoft Office • Solid Works • Corel Draw


Independent Consultant                                                                                2009 – 2013
High Standards Car Services, Inc.   Chicago, Illinois.                                    2011 – 2013
Built and implemented a strategy for best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking for High Standards Car Services, a limousine company with operating challenges, including traffic violations within the city of Chicago, improper business tracking methods and improper documentation for the IRS.  Successfully negotiated a payment plan to pay for the company’s fines and established a training program to educate owners and employees about Chicago laws and regulations. Developed a comprehensive accounting system to prepare income tax forms for the IRS.  Created a two-stage strategy to improve financial statements and increase access to credit and established business relationships with car dealers to acquire vehicles directly at competitive prices. Solidified new relationships and a pricing structure that yielded higher profits and more sales and decreased pricing pressure.
Created a cloud-based, online ordering system that management and employees can access externally and launched a secondary communication and GPS system that sends orders directly to each vehicle. Developed and implemented a comprehensive, cloud-based order/tracking/payroll system for increased efficiency.  Created an employee handbook and training program for drivers detailing the customer service expectations.
Revenues increased by 459%, and profitability increased by 17% from previous year and 33% one year after. As a result the number of drivers increased from 2 to 9, and the number of vehicles from 2 to 5.

Healthcare Solutions Team LL.Lombard,Illinois.                                             2009 – 2011
Created a strategic solution for a Healthcare Insurance company to engage agents across the country with a simple yet robust communications system. Created the infrastructure to integrate documents, events, press releases, partner communications, and training sessions.  Used an open source software “elgg” platform to build the private network website.  Evaluated and improved security to prevent data privacy breaches with the handling of thousands of confidential documents.

Pink Magazine Inc. Chicago,Illinois.                                                                       2009
Contracted with Pink Magazine, a business directory company, to assist in the deployment of a customized and remodeled web platform using PHP language to recreate an online business directory. Outsourced IT work to professionals in India and Ecuador to develop the PHP directory base.

Gomez and Steider Corp. Chicago,Illinois.                                                      2009
Contracted to a Real Estate and Mortgage to manage the P&L, ROI & Pricing strategies, and implement critical planning methods including comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning, forecasting and strategic planning. Developed and customized individual marketing proposals based on cross-referenced data analysis from existing customers and market trends resulting in increased revenues by more than 15%.

Full House Signs Inc. Joliet,Illinois.                                                                2009 – 2010
                                                                                                                    2011 – 2012
Spearheaded P&L Management, ROI & Pricing strategies, Capital Investment Planning and Financial Modeling for Full House Signs, a printing company.  Formulated policies, managed daily operations, and planned the efficient use of materials and human resources. Implemented new market planning and penetration for high-growth business development and management.  Developed and managed technology infrastructure including disaster recovery plan.

Ashwood Properties, LLC. Property management. Chicago, Illinois.
The Eagle Newspaper. Print and online newspaper. Chicago, Illinois.
Full House Signs Inc. Printing company. Stickney, Illinois.
Vinci Restaurant, Inc. Valet parking division. Chicago, Illinois.
UPS. Package delivery services. Hodgkins , Illinois.

3D West Inc. Product Development Company. Aurora, Illinois.
Prepared and supervised construction of models and samples of products for diverse clientele, made of clay, wood, plastic, metal, electronics, glass and paper and tested them for function, quality and consumer appeal.
Considered factors influencing product design such as cost, selection of materials, production methods, new technology, safety, fashion trends, ergonomics, the environment, marketing and business strategy in order to provide streamlined operations, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability.

Operations Manager, Juanchis Inc. Snack Food  Company. Cali, Colombia.
Managed product development, brand strategy and positioning, marketing, market research, point of purchase promotion, pricing strategies, package design, sourcing and quality management internally and externally.
Developed and launched new snack products: potato chips, plantain chips and caramel chips.
Devised a customized Brand Management System that radically altered how marketing programs are conceived, managed and executed and launched a promotional strategy involving 18 new products to increase market share.
Piloted a market-based pricing program that eliminates the complexities of product pricing and provides individual supervisors with accurate, real-time, market-level, local pricing information.

Operations Manager, Chitos Pokets Inc. Snacks manufacturing Company. Tulcán, Ecuador.
Envisioned concept and implemented a snack food manufacturing and distribution company operating throughout Ecuador. 
Managed account P&L and all aspects of product development, package design, strategy, positioning, pricing, sales and marketing, cost management, logistics, import/export, quality control and general administration.
Structured and implemented a sales/marketing plan that successfully built brand name recognition and grew the company from start-up, then sourced, developed and launched new food products.

Flexo Graficas Romo. Flexo Printing Company. Operations Manager. Tulcan, Ecuador.
Creaciones Nuevo Mundo LLC. Textile Company. Production Manager & Industrial Designer. Caracas, Venezuela.

Masters Information and Systems, MIS. Concentration in Data Management - Network Security.
December 2009 Morris Graduate School of Management, Chicago, Illinois     
Masters Business Administration, MBA. Concentration in Business Management – Project Management.
September 2008 Morris Graduate School of Management, Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor Applied Graphic Design, BA. Concentration in Graphic Arts – Web Development.
July 2004 Robert Morris University, Chicago, Illinois

NSHMBA, National Society of Hispanic MBAs       2008 – 2014
Board Officer – Director of Summer Enrichment Program, Chicago Chapter
As Volunteer Program Director of the Summer Enrichment Program, formulated and developed strategies to implement an educational summer program for High School students, established agendas, schedules and policies for daily operations, recruited and screened applicants in Chicago-area high schools. Managed daily operations, budgets and hired teachers.
Junior Achievement. Teacher Volunteer. Chicago, Illinois.                          2009 – 2014
One Million Degrees, OMD, Educational Community Outreach Project. Mentor. Chicago, Illinois. 2013
Caracoli Foundation, Early Child Care. Board Advisor. Cali, Colombia.          2012 – Present
EFC, European Fencing Club. Fencer. Chicago, Illinois.             2004 – 2007
ITA Illinois Technology Association. Chicago Chapter.                                  2007 – Present


  • Managed, directed and controlled large groups of people for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the group towards accomplishing company’s goals.
  • Deployed and manipulated of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.
  • Prepared presentation sketches showing style, size, shape, and configuration of internal components and general appearance of products either by hand or by computer.
  • Prepared and or supervised construction of models and samples of products made of clay, wood, plastic, metal, glass and paper and tested them for function, quality and consumer appeal.
  • Considered factors influencing product design such as cost, selection of materials, production methods, new technology, safety, fashion trends, ergonomics, the environment, marketing and business strategy.
  • Created, read and interpret blue prints for design, manufacturing and assembly.
  • Prepared comprehensive layouts of the design using techniques such as photography, illustration and computer-generated imagery.
  • Developed new arrangements of visual elements for publishing.
  • Conceptualized and designed solutions for advertisement in magazines..
  • Manufactured graphic displays.
  • Designed and maintained web sites.
  • Strategic Business, Market & Sales Planning.
  • ROI, Value Proposition & Profit Optimization.
  • Creative Branding & Vertical Marketing.
  • Revitalizing Stagnant & Declining Sales.
  • Competitive Analysis, Positioning & Pricing.
  • Product Introduction & Life Cycle Management.
  • Consumer Trends & Product Prioritization.
  • Major Account Development & Portfolio Management.
  • Market Evaluation, Penetration & Expansion.
  • Performance Enhancement & Succession Planning.